Physical Therapy

“Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open.”

— BKS Iyengar

In the natural state, our bodies move with ease and fluidity. If movement is not enjoyable or abundant in your life, we would be honored to work with you to restore this critical aspect of a healthy, happy life. Whether your goal is to ease your neck pain so you can play with your grandchildren, optimize your posture to improve your tolerance for your work duties, free your knee from aches during adventures, together we can create a plan for getting you back to living a fulfilling life.

We use a variety of tools to help clients achieve optimal health. After careful evaluation of your posture, strength, flexibility, movement patterns, balance, and coordination, we can retrain your body by moving and resting in safe and restorative ways. Many of our services are guided by extensive training from the Postural Restoration Institute®, which recognizes the integrated nature of the human body. This approach to physical therapy employs respiratory, neurologic, and biomechanical techniques to align the body with respect to its asymmetries and functional patterns, while also improving its strength, efficiency, and relaxation.

The greatest wealth is health, and the greatest way to improve yours is through understanding your body and its ability to heal through love and support. First and foremost, we teach our clients how to take charge of your own health. Together, we will devise a plan to help you meet your goals, and overcome any barriers to achieving your optimal state of being.


    • Evaluation: objective measurements of your strength, endurance, balance, flexibility, neuromuscular function, coordination, and respiratory function.
    • Assessments: movement patterns, prognosis for recovery, plan of care.
    • Neuromuscular retraining: inhibition of overused muscles and facilitation of underused muscles.
    • Respiratory retraining: to optimize your lung function and biochemistry.
    • Postural Restoration Institute®: guides our integrated approach to treatment.
    • Home exercise plans: a personalized set of actions that can easily be incorporated into your daily routine.
    • Manual therapy: to increase mobility and joint function.
    • Stability taping: to balance muscle activation and prevent injury during activity.

Conditions treated

    • Back and neck pain
    • Sacroiliac pain and/or dysfunction
    • Muscle imbalance
    • Overuse injuries in hip, knee, ankles, feet, shoulders, and elbows
    • Poor posture standing and sitting
    • Suboptimal breathing patterns
    • Shoulder impingements
    • Rotator cuff dysfunction
    • Muscle and tendon strain
    • Balance impairment
    • Gait dysfunction